The History of Wilson Australia Accessories

Founded in 2000 by Melbourne based designer Lisa Wilson. The inspiration to establish and build an independent brand came from a desire to combine industry experience and design expertise.

The first range was launched at Australian Fashion week in Sydney with instant design recognition and an immediate following. Lisa has experimented with rich textures and bold colours. Wilson products stand out. Be it with a flash of bright colour or seductive soft natural tones and always kept fresh with a modern texture or pattern.

Pursuing whatever makes her happy wherever that may lead. Always herself, confident, commanding and charismatic.

Further developments in our manufacturing have seen a new venture working with an Australian Tannery, using greenhouse compliant procedures, selecting only the finest cowhide leathers and use of skilled hand craftsmanship combine to ensure all Wilson products are of the highest quality and longevity.

Wilson philosophy is based on the independent spirit who treads her own path. Pursuing whatever makes her happy wherever that may lead. Always herself, confident, commanding and charismatic. She adds pieces that enhance who she is and makes playful choices unafraid to do things her way.